Cresendo’s Resource Section

Crescendo’s automated content delivery helps you educate your teams about topics related to diversity, inclusion and belonging without the heavy workload to your team. Here’s their own repository of resources covering how to start from scratch, metrics, policies and more!

Microsoft's Online Unconscious Bias Training

Microsoft developed this unconscious bias training for all their employees. By working to counter unconscious bias, we can all help create a world where people are empowered to do amazing things.

Lever's Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

Threaded amongst Lever's own insights, you’ll hear the voices of Lyft Head of Inclusion and Diversity Tariq Meyers, Affirm Head of Talent Acquisition Ragini Holloway, Yelp Head of Inclusion Rachel Williams, and Shopify Recruiting Researcher Jess Verbruggen.

Facebook's Unconscious Bias Training Video

These videos are designed to help us recognize our biases so we can reduce their negative effects in the workplace. Surfacing and countering unconscious bias is an essential step towards becoming the people and companies we want to be.

StackAdapt's #HackDiversity Mini-Documentary

An 18 minute documentary, titled #HackDiversity, is powered by thought leaders in the Toronto startup community and calls for immediate action against ongoing unconscious bias in the industry.

Unbiasify Chrome Extension

Unbiasify is an open source chrome extension that allows you to source candidates from LinkedIn, Angelist and Twitter without seeing people's names or faces. We're working towards expanding these features to other popular websites.